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Grappling with Impermanence

Voice: Linda (Jyoti) Stuart with IgniteYourInnerFlame  Lens: Meditation | Yoga | Shamanism | Elder wisdom
 Even after fresh snow falls here in Louisville, the smell of burnt material still lingers in the air. The first time I walked on the path behind our house after the fires, I noticed rows of houses burned to the ground, random fences, …

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The Art of Radiant Living

Voice: Kinan Whyte with and Sol Design Lens: Intuitive Coaching|Divine Architecture|Astrology|Bodywork Evolution is a hallmark to life. One of the greatest resources you have available to support your individual evolution is tuning into you body and subtler bodies, which are inseparable from your soul. In connecting to your body, you may connect to your soul and open to …

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Ancient Perspectives on the Subtle Body

Voice: Kinan Whyte with and Sol Design Lens: Intuitive Coaching | Divine Architecture | Astrology | Bodywork In ancient Taoist philosophy, there are three powers or parts of the universe: Heaven, Earth, & Humanity. Humanity is comprised of sentience where perceptions/feelings exist, and the domain of the heart and compassion are developed. Heaven is comprised of the …

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Sounds of the Soul – What is Light Language?

Voice: Dr. Amanda Love, DC, L.Ac with Chiropractic Alchemy of Boulder Lens: Network Chiropractic | Self-Love Coaching Light language seems to be an increasingly popular topic these days. Sounds, tones, and streams of what appear to be words and sentences that have no mental meaning are being spoken by many. This is not a new phenomenon. …

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Presencing the Subtle Body

Voice: Stara Luz with Stellar Embodiment Lens: Oracular Soul Wisdom|Stellar Embodiment|Channeling In today’s fast paced lifestyle we can find ourselves running from one thing to the next, hurrying, rushing, always feeling like we haven’t accomplished everything we should. This speed of life often doesn’t allow space for reflection and presence of what is arising in …

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