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Sounds of the Soul – What is Light Language?

Voice: Dr. Amanda Love, DC, L.Ac with Chiropractic Alchemy of Boulder

Lens: Network Chiropractic | Self-Love Coaching

Light language seems to be an increasingly popular topic these days. Sounds, tones, and streams of what appear to be words and sentences that have no mental meaning are being spoken by many. This is not a new phenomenon. People have been speaking in tongues or languages unknown to them in religious and spiritual ceremonies probably since the beginning of time. You can read back into biblical days where speaking in tongues was known as being filled by the holy spirit or the languages of angels. It was also said that this language when spoken speaks to God, not men, as the human mind does not understand it.

I’d venture to say that lots of people might think that light language is all hogwash, that people are making up stuff for attention, and who knows what else, and I am sure that this indeed does happen. I can only write and share from my own experience on this topic. In my early 30s after receiving Network Spinal Analysis Care and other energy techniques, my system became more open. What I mean by this is that pathways and channels to other frequencies that aren’t typically known or expressed in our ordinary, everyday reality became available to me. In this opening, which evolved over a couple of years, I also started to speak what is referred to as light language. It is not something I ever tried to do, but instead something that simply occurred through me.

Speaking or vocalizing these sounds or tones feels like it comes from another worldly source. While in truth there is no other, on a relative level there are different dimensions of reality, some of which have higher concentrations of light, meaning they are more light-filled, thicker with light, or what we might call spirit. For reasons not entirely known to me, I am able to readily open up to these more densely lit frequencies just by relaxing my body and not being hyper mentally focused. As I relax, my heart opens as well as what people would refer to as the third eye area. For me, my heart and third eye seem to be my energetic portals into these lighter frequencies and from which I am able to channel and transmit.

Light language has become an integral aspect of my work and service. I readily speak and make various sounds and tones while I work with clients. I have noticed over the years that the sounds I vocalize create a field that is more densely packed with light. This field creates a space or container that allows people to kind of “swim” in more light or have an experience of more of their soul or spirit. Some people begin to make sounds and speak light language when I work with them. For others, their bodies begin to undulate, move, unwind tension and open into more source or love. Others feel more relaxed, present or lighter in their being. There is no specific right or wrong way that light language impacts others. It is simply received as any other gift would be received by them.

At times it feels to me that the sounds are encoded information, however, I do not know this to be fact. It does not seem to be the kind of mental information that we are constantly searching for when we seek answers to stuff. Instead, it is information that works with our subtler energetic system and communicates with that next level of our being which I would call soul. When I speak or channel light language it feels as though “my” soul, and I use the word “my” lightly as it does not feel very personal, makes contact with soul in other or soul in all. It is as if I am speaking soul to soul, or soul to universal soul (aka God). Some souls that are incarnate in human bodies are more awake and aware than others meaning they have penetrated more deeply the veil of forgetfulness. In this case, the dialogue is symbiotic and this intelligence naturally speaks with itself, in and through others, just as humans speak mind to mind. Information is then shared at this level of being called soul and the texture of the communication is bliss.

Due to the nature of the substratum of light language being bliss, rather than thought like mental intelligence, the information is simply different. It is not better or worse, just a different flavor or frequency which many humans have not or don’t frequently encounter. To me, a more appropriate term for light language would actually be love language as the information it seems to share can really only be equated to ecstatic, blissful, unified perfection. From my current understanding of it, the language is not meant to fix anything, solve any problems or give us any particular insights per se. Instead, its function appears to be the bringing in of higher densities of light, love, and bliss so that light, love, and bliss permeate a fuller extent of all aspects of creation.

When creation is more fully permeated with light it has a higher capacity to see itself more clearly. It is less confused with itself as creation and sees itself more as the creator of it. The way I see it is light language arises from a source closer to the source of what we are. It comes from a more purified or rarified aspect of ourselves than say our intellect, emotions, or physical body. If we follow and allow it, it can help us make contact with the subtler and subtler aspects of ourselves. Be clear that it is not the expression of the language that is of importance, but from where it arises from which holds the true significance. Take care not to be fascinated by the forms the language takes, but rather tune into where it arises from. Here is the true gateway into the deeper source of you and source of all of creation.


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