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Sign up for our email list & receive your free guide called Mastering the Subtle Body.

dR. AmaNda heSSeL, dc,

Network Chiropractor I Self-Love Coach

Dr. Amanda Hessel, DC, L.Ac, is a Network Chiropractor and Self-Love Coach.  She received her doctorate degree from New York Chiropractic College in 2010 and also holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Acupuncture from the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture.  She has trained extensively in the energetics, self-empowerment, and self-realization.  

Dr. Amanda has gifts in using sound, energy and clarity of heart and mind to point to–and experience–truth. She loves to support people who are looking for greater congruency between their body-mind-soul and people who want to create greater connection to themselves. Amanda is devoted to helping people know that they are loved, that they are love and reconnecting to both their human heart and the one heart.

+1 (303) 587-9437

AndRe SimoNeaU

Quantum Entrepreneur Mentor | Financial Guide & Fun Financial Speaker | Inter-dimensional Integrative Technology Architect

With an extensive background in franchising (over 20 years) and business ownership, Andre is an expert in creating valuable strategic partnerships with financial, legal, tax, insurance, healthcare, and other professionals to add mutual value to each other’s business and clients. He enjoys teaching others to be successful in business and money both one-on-one and in a group setting.

As an Executive Vice President of Five Rings Financial, Andre is a sought after speaker for educational workshops, sales conferences, Toastmasters, leads groups, and motivating individuals and teams to success. When he meets with clients as a mentor for entrepreneurs or teacher of the quantum field of reality relating to money, Andre is a guide for others to preserve money and assets, protect retirement income, and reduce tax liabilities. He helps you connect the dots between your highest vibrational self, relationships, money, success, life choices, and emotional intelligence.

+1 (303) 579-7227

Holly FaYe Hooker

Transformational Coach | Access Bars facilitator | E.S.S.E Energy Practitioner | Conscious Financial Services Provider

Holly is a Transformational Coach, Access Bars facilitator, E.S.S.E Energy Practitioner, and is a conscious Financial Services Provider. She works with your soul, your body, and the human that they have created to fan the flame of transformation and rebirth. She sees each of us as have chosen to be here in this body at this time with this unique combination of experiences to create something that has never been created before that will require us to choose beyond what we have chosen before.

Holly believes that each of us are intelligent infinite beings answering the call of our wild hearts. She calls her approach “Whole Integrated Embodiment.” She plays with sound frequencies, touch, energy types, awareness, and love to co-create a space with you to grow in your unique individual perfect way. Her desire is to leave a legacy of love by helping others to know the gift that they truly BE. This could be a call to conquer the world or a call to live, a call to joy, a call to possibility, or a call beyond what you have known. You are being called. Is it time?

+1 (303) 828-7280

KinAn WhYte

Evolutionary Astrologer | life Coach | energy & Bodyworker

Kinan offers Evolutionary Astrology & Life Coaching for living aligned with your divine design. He brings somatic perspectives from integrative bodywork + ashtanga yoga to all of his work, having practiced yoga, bodywork, and astrology since 2012.

Kinan engages tools and processes through a neo-shamanic lens of healing the human hologram, values-based purpose work, & coaching centered on soul-fulfillment & masculine-feminine polarity dynamics in relationships. He works intuitively with seeing how internal and external ecosystems harmonize, supporting others to access their innate intelligence, resources, and genius.

+1 (808) 675-8900

LindA (Jyoti) STuaRt

Luminous Living Advocate| Meditation | Yoga | Shamanic Practitioner | Wellness

Jyoti is a caring, nurturing presence. She guides her clients through transformational experiences to greater freedom. Since 1994, Jyoti has been enthusiastically offering a holistic approach to one’s well-being. She works with individuals and groups offering both ancient and modern modalities. 

Jyoti’s background, training and teachings include Yoga (in many forms), Advaita Vedanta, Shamanic practices, iRest Yoga Nidra, Thai Yoga Massage and other practices that promote self-care, healing and transformation.

+1 (310) 924-9223


Stellar Embodiment | Soul Wisdom Oracle | Channeled Art & Gifts

Stara is a galactic adventurer and lover of spiritual exploration. As Soul Wisdom Oracle she works with her clients to support their soul’s next level integration through past life deep dives, connecting with ancestors and guides, chakra up-level attunement, DNA activation sessions and light language transmissions. 

Each soul is unique and Stara supports authentic connection with the deepest wisdom ready to emerge. She also creates channeled soul code art, oil and water blends to support the soul’s deep unfoldment.

+1 (760) 815-4267

Yana ETherian


Yana is a teacher, a Christian counselor, a conductor of the Holy Spirit inner healing and prophetic messages, a deliverance leader, and a visionary artist. In summary, Yana is a “bridge“–she establishes a link that brings you closer to what you authentically are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Then, she will help others to be their own “bridge” and rebuild their relationship and closeness to the Lord.

Yana offers unique one-on-one sessions and artworks that are guided by the Holy Spirit. Every session has its own shape and duration. You may receive prayers, prophetic messages, inner healing and/or deliverance. Some sessions may be teachings, others may be activations and healing. Her paintings are great messages from the heavenly realms and activators of the Holy Spirit presence, inducing transformation within the viewers soul.

+1 (408) 210-1426

Zach dRagoN

Light-worker | Healer

Zach Dragon is a light worker and healer and can’t wait journey with you through your energy fields. He offers many modalities: Reiki, Access Bars, Trauma Release, and whatever spirit wishes to move through him.

In this life, he is a military veteran, husband, father, and a public servant. He loves integrating energy light work into all of these spaces as well as bringing that energy into his practice. Zach looks forward to meeting you.

+1 (720) 838-6384