Inspiring Radiant Ways of Life

AndRe SimoNeaU

Quantum Entrepreneur Mentor | Financial Guide & Fun Financial Speaker | Inter-dimensional Integrative Technology Architect

With an extensive background in franchising (over 20 years) and business ownership, Andre is an expert in creating valuable strategic partnerships with financial, legal, tax, insurance, healthcare, and other professionals to add mutual value to each other’s business and clients. He enjoys teaching others to be successful in business and money both one-on-one and in a group setting.

As an Executive Vice President of Five Rings Financial, Andre is a sought after speaker for educational workshops, sales conferences, Toastmasters, leads groups, and motivating individuals and teams to success. When he meets with clients as a mentor for entrepreneurs or teacher of the quantum field of reality relating to money, Andre is a guide for others to preserve money and assets, protect retirement income, and reduce tax liabilities. He helps you connect the dots between your highest vibrational self, relationships, money, success, life choices, and emotional intelligence.

+1 (303) 579-7227