Inspiring Radiant Ways of Life

Mandalena Luz

Conscious Conception Guide & Spirit Baby Communicator | Holistic Doula | Luminous Awareness Institute Teacher & Practitioner

Mandalena has devoted her life to supporting people in the discovery of their greatest self, and the journey to embody its magnificence in the world. She’s been a healer and teacher of healing arts and energy medicine for almost 15 years, supporting clients and students on their healing and awakening paths. This work covers the full spectrum of experience, from deep psychological trauma to transcendent spiritual expansion. 

With trauma, for example, deep healing happens when she helps clients meet aspects of self that had been hidden from direct consciousness and, through loving presence and attunement, integrate them back into the wholeness of their true self. And with spiritual awakening, she’s seen people’s entire outlook on their life and identity change as they traverse dimensions of reality and “land” extraordinary experiences into embodiment and daily life.

The more we can be connected to our own wholeness, the more we can meet our children in their wholeness and innate well being. 

Our children come into this world as pure divine presence, and they are waiting for us to meet them as their true self. They need from us the key ingredients of emotional availability, attunement, soothing, safety and stability, encouragement, delight, and capacity for repair. These gifts will allow them to develop a secure attachment in their bonding with us, which is the basis for their long term psychological health and relationship success.

How can we give them these gifts? How do we heal the conditioning within ourselves that has been blocking us from fully showing up to meet our child’s needs? How do we meet them, from pre-conception, to gestation, to parenthood?

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