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Voice: Stara Luz with Stellar Embodiment

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In today’s fast paced lifestyle we can find ourselves running from one thing to the next, hurrying, rushing, always feeling like we haven’t accomplished everything we should. This speed of life often doesn’t allow space for reflection and presence of what is arising in our physical and subtle body. When we experience pain in our physical body most of us automatically turn to pain killers and other band aids that mask the symptoms of pain without allowing us to deeply tune in to the underlying issue. Many of us are disconnected enough that we miss the cues that we are in “pain” in our subtle bodies and therefore the “pain” becomes physical in the form of chronic pain, dis-ease, etc. 

Through my training, I have come to view our bodies as having 5 layers. Our physical, emotional, lower mental, upper mental and soul bodies or “fields.” Each of these fields carry their own consciousness and way of relating to the whole. When we are fully embodied, we are fully connected across all 5 layers of our fields. When we are hurt, feeling broken, or experiencing emotions like sadness or fear in one of our fields it affects the whole of us. For example, if we feel disconnected from our soul field (our higher self) it can show up as anxiety or lack of trust in the divine plan for our lives. 

To begin working toward wholeness, or complete embodiment, our first step is to begin opening up to awareness of each of these fields and what each field feels like to us. This awareness allows us to be present with what is and that presence allows us to unfold into our deeper knowing of what the layers of our body are trying to communicate to us.

As an example, let’s say we are rushing through our day and start to feel a tightness in our chest, ideally when we become aware of this tightness we could stop our quick pace movement and place our hands on our chest and begin to be present with what is, a tightness in our chest. Often, as we bring our awareness to this area we will sense an underlying message. We may sense, “Wow, I’m feeling really anxious right now with everything I’m trying to get done. I think I’d like to take a few things off my list of expectations for the day so I don’t feel so burdened.” By “permissioning” ourselves to slow down we are able to get in tune with the deeper feelings and sensations our subtle body wants to communicate with us. In this example, our subtle body was using the physical body to communicate how “tight” it was feeling at everything that it felt needed to be accomplished. 

A deeper dive into the different fields of our subtle body helps us to understand how each layer supports and builds on one another. The physical forms the cellular structure in which our consciousness resides. The next layer is the emotional body and that is usually 2”-6” off of the physical body—this is where we experience our range of emotions. Then we move to the lower mental body, which informs our day to day functioning and processing. Our upper mental body works more with our identity and stories we carry about ourselves and our personality. Finally, we reach the soul body, which is our connection to our highest self. Each of these fields have a method of communicating that we can tune in to if we are willing to work with a practice of awareness and a willingness to presence what arises, even if our minds don’t understand it. It’s not about figuring it out, it’s about allowing ourselves to be present with what is, even if that is simply an emotion or physical feeling that we don’t understand intellectually. 

As we strengthen our practice of awareness and presence we begin to open to how the fields of our body communicate with us and the messages that each layer has to share with us. This can become a beautiful and joyful practice of self discovery if we are willing to gift ourselves the time to slow down and be present with what is. 


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About the Author

Stara Luz is a galactic adventurer and lover of spiritual exploration. As Soul Wisdom Oracle she works with her clients to support their soul’s next level integration through past life deep dives, connecting with ancestors and guides, chakra up-level attunement, DNA activation sessions and light language transmissions.

Each soul is unique and Stara supports authentic connection with the deepest wisdom ready to emerge. She also creates channeled soul code art, oil, and water blends to support the soul’s deep unfoldment.

Tune into more perspectives on radiant living and learn more about methodologies in subtle energy arts and sciences, creativity, and conscious entrepreneurship through our podcast or visit our professional online directory for connecting to a tribe member.

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