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The Subtle Bodies of the Senses

Voice: Yana Etherian with Soul Blossoming

Lens: Visionary Art|Divination|Tarot|Integration Facilitation

Mastering the subtle bodies is a process that we humans are to embark on in this plane of existence because it is there that we find the keys for creating in the physical dimension everyday. The subtle bodies are foundational energetic bodies that we all have. The visible physical body that we carry is a marvelous miracle yet is just the tip of the ice-berg of all that we are. Mastering all the bodies that we have is part of the big picture of bringing heaven on Earth. We are all made of stars—the stars from the heavens. We are being planted in this physical dimension, and the bridges between that are the subtle bodies. 

There are two pathways. You can go right or you can go left into the circle and the sphere, and simultaneously you are going inwards and outwards. It’s all going into the center. And you find the subtle bodies everywhere, because there is no space between one object or the other. The way we actually interact the most is through the subtle sensations. You almost cannot feel another. But first, I ask: what is really to feel? To feel someone, you have to be in-tune with the subtle bodies. You can touch someone, but in a touch there is a lot more information than just the physical sensation of being touched. You can physically be touched by someone and not actually feel the information that is being pass to you, because you are not conscious of that information available in the subtle bodies. In invisible exchanges, you can find a lot of information, and you can feel that in all of your portals—the chakras, the energetic wheels that you carry. You have an infinite amount of subtle bodies, and they are all distributed throughout your physical body. You receive the information from the world outside of you and from the world inside of you. It’s like breathing in and out. 

But how can you go about mastering the subtle bodies? Different types of meditations are targeted specifically for this—for being present to what is invisible. When you are mastering those energies you are learning how to navigate without your physical eyes. The main meditation I suggest is “The Blend Meditation” where you actually blend into everything that you come into contact with. And when I say “into contact”, I mean, in the awareness of the three dimensional senses of seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling, and hearing. And there are infinite amounts of variations that you can create with this meditation. You can use foods for example. Close your eyes while you eating, you can feel a lot more information in those elements that you are taking into your body when your eyes are closed. Your intention is to blend or unify as you “become the taste of the foods” you are eating. There is a process of presence that happens when your eyes close. When your physical eyes close, you are opening all the other “eyes” that you have in all of your physical and subtle bodies. 

Even your physical body has more sensations than the 5-dimensional sensations that you have. Those sensations blend. In science it’s called synesthesia. The art of learning natural synesthesia is what generates or leads you into the other points in your body vibrations and into the grids of energies that you are generating everyday. As you open those to experience more possibilities with every physical element that you come in contact with, you allow yourself to blend into that energy and become that which you are blending. The more that you practice that, the more that you become more unified to yourself because everything that comes into your reality is, in a sense, “you”, even things and objects, which brings us to another blending meditation…

This is a meditation using tactical sensations. Find an object that you like or love—something that you would like to understand more or just meditate with it. Crystals are a great one to start with because you can learn to understand the properties of each crystal by how they blend into you. They are clear, powerful elements that can help you unlock parts of yourself. The more that you practice blending, the more you become aware of the subtle information given to you by objects and people. Sometimes you come in contact with people and you start to feel the way they feel. Personally, I had times where I felt very uneasy near someone, and I felt confused because on the outside the person was smiling. It is because I was in tune with this person’s subtle bodies, the information communicated through them (there is a face…but the feeling behind the face is what is truly being communicated). Those subtle bodies are telling you what this person is communicating. Maybe you are able to surpass all that information and really see the light of that person and focus on that, so that part can grow. 

I think mastering the subtle bodies is exactly that—being able to see through anything. And to really shift into what you do want to create. You can ask the question: “What do I want to create?” or “What do I want to communicate with others by just my own presence?” And then, you can start putting yourself in contact with those things that you want to create and merge yourself with that. When you do that, for a long time, it becomes you. With time and focus you adapt, and your reality will follow along with your biological state beginning to match the vibration that you are merging with. 

Mastering the subtle bodies is a really big topic because it really is much similar to the topic of enlightenment. In a way, you can say you are reaching enlightenment every second because you are merging with something at every second. And you could be doing that in an unconscious way because, in a sense, wherever you are placing your physical body, it’s a choice—you are choosing to be in that space, you are merging to all the things around you. Sometimes you have blocks, of course, but still with time, you become those things and those things become you. So what is it that you want to become? What is it that you want to merge with? What is it that you want to do in your life? How can mastering yourself be a tool of flexibility for creating anything that you desire? The first step of the practice is being able to begin sensing the inspiration of self and what you are sensing, then to notice what you feel, even beyond what’s visible. How much flexibility, how much vulnerability are you willing to go through and merge yourself with something you want to be? 

The second way, the other direction, it’s really just being in your body, and that strengthens and grounds you to the heavens inside of you. As you are going through a deeper practice, it’s not a merging outside of you, rather a merging inwards; you are creating something which you already have manifested in physical reality from a parallel point of focus. The first practice, being outwardly focused, is more of a masculine process, while this practice is more of an inward and feminine process. This feminine process is just sitting down with yourself only, in the most quiet place with not much light, noise, or disturbance. Doing this practice at night would be preferable. With no light, no noise. Making sure you are in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and just stay with whatever comes to presence. In that sense, you are merging with yourself. And from everything you have learned in this lifetime and so many life times, all is happening simultaneously. You can decide to create something inside of yourself through imagery or knowing. If you struggle forming images you can come into the knowing state. Accessing this knowing is really about being in the heart because the heart has a door, but the door is always open. You don’t even need a key; there is no key. There is no key for something that you are because you are the key itself. 

In that heart center, there are ways you can use your five senses to create anything. One way is to use your vision to create peace if you want to experience more peace. Imagine yourself in your heart, in harmony with everything that is experiencing acceptance of all that is to come. You can also use other senses. I like to play with the smell of roses, but can use any other flower or essential oil. I don’t use them outside of myself for this exercise. You are only going to breath the air in as if you were breathing the smell of anything that you love and that you want to become. If you want to become a rose, the smell of a rose is in your heart. First thing is putting your hand in your heart and staying there. Then, you can go into breathing. You can have a visual of the flowers—its ok for the senses to mix into each other. Once you pick up on the vibration of that smell. You can bring that smell through every cell in your body—in your hands, in your legs, etc.—and you will understand how malleable you can become using the power of your imagination. 

You can have a taste that you really like. I like to play with the taste of water, because water is so clean and clear. A lot of people don’t like the taste of water, in which case you can infuse it with some essential oils, flowers, fruits or vegetables. Then, merge those into the water to change its vibration at such a level. Once you have that vibration of the taste of your preferred water, you can use that to infuse all your body with that water taste and spread it throughout, clearing and purifying all of your body. You can also use water that was changed with positive thoughts. Then, you are becoming the water—you are becoming the rose, you are becoming the the peace that you want to be. 

You can use your skin to feel some kind of sensation, like velvet. Maybe you are routinely being really hard on yourself, but surrounding yourself with soft fabrics and feeling them on your skin gives you that sensation and that vibration that you can learn from and enjoy in order to transmute that hardness. Spread that sensation into your experience and absorb the feeling of softness. 

Feel open to create imagined textures that you may have never felt before. Make that creation a meditation. Let the texture be you. What textures do you want be? 

You can also be the texture of the sound “Omm” or “ha”. Any sound that you are wanting to embody within yourself works. If you were a sound, what sound would you be?

Furthermore, you can start flexibly changing your vibration to change your body into something that you want to mold into by connecting with the core signature of your soul through meditations that uniquely reflect your soul. I offer those things to my clients in private where I support the creation of individually-based meditations with you within sessions where we can go into your key signature and through a series of sessions asking what is it that you want to emanate and work with in a meditation format. Picture your meditations as a 10-15 minute refueling that you can spread throughout the day as you feel out of alignment with that vibration that you consistently want to embody. You can continue creating that as you go along your day, and you can change your subtle bodies into something you want to mold that will move you in the direction you want to go because you are the mind to mold, to shift, and to create. Mastering your subtle bodies is really about realizing that you are the creator of your life. You may start with feeling subtle sensations that feel practically imperceivable, but eventually the subtle becomes a mainstay, and so does a sense of greater joy with all that is. 


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Yana is a teacher, a Christian counselor, a conductor of the Holy Spirit inner healing and prophetic messages, a deliverance leader, and a visionary artist. In summary, Yana is a “bridge“–she establishes a link that brings you closer to what you authentically are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Then, she will help others to be their own “bridge” and rebuild their relationship and closeness to the Lord.

Yana offers unique one-on-one sessions and artworks that are guided by the Holy Spirit. Every session has its own shape and duration. You may receive prayers, prophetic messages, inner healing and/or deliverance. Some sessions may be teachings, others may be activations and healing. Her paintings are great messages from the heavenly realms and activators of the Holy Spirit presence, inducing transformation within the viewers soul.

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